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The Sounds and Facial Expressions of the Female Orgasm! (x-posted)

I don't know, perhaps its a guy thing, but I think listening to a woman in the midst of Orgasm can be sooooo Very Erotic. Some women moan so very loud. Others might even scream. Some are quiet perhaps only breathing a bit louder then usual or perhaps whispering out a perfect word or phrase as the tension mounts and release is unavoidable. Whether loud or quiet the sounds are sure to drive me crazy.

I also love a womens facial expressions at this most intimate special time. The flush of her face is a sure giveaway that something real amazing is happening. She may twist and turn. She may move up and down. If she is with her man or woman, as the special moment is just upon her, she may stretch her neck back or turn slightly to the right or left as though to be too shy to expose all of that excitement to the one causing it. It doesn't matter exactly how she shows that wonderful feeling that flows through her body. Whatever facial expressions she uses are usually totally unplanned and natural. Its her precious Orgasmic look and such an amazing and tremendous thing to see.

I recently came across some videos online of women willing to have orgasms for the world to see. They are not pornstars.....just "regular people" Although these videos would probably not be considered porn, I thought they were extremely erotic. There is no nudity, only sound and facial expression. Unfortunately, there is alot of backround noise because the vidoes were filmed during a Cinco De Mayo party.

I hope u enjoy them as much as I did and would appreciate feedback particularly from women. Is it thrilling to hear? What about those special facial expressions......are they exciting to watch?? A huge turnon, or perhaps no big deal at all? Love to hear exactly what if anything these do for you?

AND.........this link shows all those participating on the site........Men and Women!

Love to hear ur comments! enjoy :)
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