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To huskily whisper or not to huskily whisper

Well, I'm considering making audio recordings of some of my erotic fiction/fanfiction.  I'm hoping I'll enjoy making luuurve to the microphone but does anyone here have any particular thoughts on the matter?  I don't think it's possible to post audio stuff on LiveJournal but I may be able to put in an external link to Archive of Our Own, where you can.  I've listened to a few over there and it's an interesting experience, especially when a woman adopts a deep alto drawl when voicing her male characters - mmmm!  But is it too intimate, off-putting even?  The reason why I'm posting this query here is because my intention when I write erotic fiction really is to get people slipping their hands inside their pants.  I want to write a story that stays true to the characters, of course, but I really want to get people wriggling in their seats.  In fact, I'd love to know exactly what they did, which bits of my story set them off.  If I've put a secret, dirty smile on someone's face, I feel I've done something truly worthwhile with my day!  So - thoughts?

Of course, listeners are going to have to put up with the potentially detumefying effect of me slipping out of American accents during the prose and back into my usual northern English!
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