Jack Hoff (procrasturbator) wrote in masturbationto,
Jack Hoff

Rinse, repeat

The other day my gf went out and I had the house to myself. I soon found some interesting porn and started playing with my cock. Before long I was really into it and shot a big load. A little later I went to my house, mowed my lawn, and had some lunch. After an hour or so my son's friend came by and picked him up to go to a movie. Now I had my house to myself, which is unusual. They hadn't been gone long when I decided, yes, I was still horny. I dug out some more porn and started playing again. Watching an MFF three way, I got off again. I was pretty proud of cumming twice a few hours apart — at 75! It's not like when I was 18 and could do that 15 minutes apart, but now I savor it more.
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