October 8th, 2021


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Good bedtime fuck the other night. Opened a new pair of crotchless panties for hubby. He got super excited right away and flipped me over on my belly. I eagerly backed up to him and offered my puss. Doggy is my favorite, so I was practically dripping, even before he slid his big, fat cock in me. I whimpered as he entered me. He's a girthy boy, so it always hurts a little as it slides in my tight, little slit, but it hurts sooo good. Pretty soo, the pleasure set it and I was moaning loudly with every thrust. Hubby pounded me so good before spurting more cum into my hole, which was still tender from that morning's fuck, too. So good to start and end your day with some dick! Can't wait until it's in me again...