goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

Weekend fun

The fiance and I always make it a point to start our Saturday mornings off with sex and this weekend's romp was particularly enjoyable.

I was half asleep, awakened by feeling of his dick jutting into my backside. He slipped his hands down my panties and pulled at them, urging me to take them off. I was sleepy, but obliged, figuring at the very least I could let him slip inside me from behind while I continued to rest. He proceeded to finger me, running his finger along the edges of my pussy and teasing the entrance ever so gently.

After a few minutes, I slid my leg over his, allowing him easier access to what he so desperately wanted. He was so horny and excited, he could barely aim, so I reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding him inside me. As he began to move his hips, I closed my legs, making myself as tight for him as I possibly could. The head of his cock rubbed deliciously against me with each thrust, perfectly angled to hit my g-spot each time. It was almost too much to bear.

He grabbed my hips, alternating between slowly pulling in and out and quickly thrusting. He was obviously relishing the feeling of being inside of me and trying to draw out the experience as long as he could. Eventually, we began to move together and I felt my ass bouncing against his cock. His breathing increased and he moaned as he came inside of me.

He's usually quick to pull out after he cums so he can lay on his back, but this time I begged I him to stay inside me for a few minutes. We lay side by side, my insides tingling at the feeling of his cock nestled between my legs. Later, we indulged in some doggy style.

My panties are soaked after typing this up. Time to go play with my clit!
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