goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

Such good sex with hubby lately. Came back from a week long business trip and he was ravenous for sex. He started fucking me doggy off the side of the bed, but was frustrated at the lack of support he was getting. He pushed me down and started fucking me harder and faster on his knees. He was absolutely pounding me. It hurt so good. My pussy quivered when I finally heard him cum. His hips bucked violently against my ass and he let out a deep groan. I came instantly, taking pleasure in knowing that no amount of jacking off he did while I was gone could satiate him quite as well as my pussy.

Had a lovely fuck before bed the other night, too. Played with myself with some sexy panties on until I was desperate for his cock. Hubby spread my legs and oh so slowly slipped those sopping, wet panties down my legs before slipping inside of me. I wanted to cry, it felt so good. I love being dominated by him.

Wiggled on top of him in reverse cowgirl the other day. He came the nanosecond I started to slide down his lovely shaft. I love making my baby cum!

So fucking horny now. Definitely going to suck and fuck him tonight... I love that delicious dick.
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