goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

Sooooo fucking horny right now. Hubby and I had sex this morning and it was delicious. We got it on in good ol' missionary and OMG his cock was going so deep and at such a good rhythm. My gspot was very happy. I wanted to cry, it felt so good. Didn't cum before he nutted in me, tho, so I definitely need round two. (He thrust himself as deep as possible in me for a last, nice touch, tho. Mmmm.) Really feel like sucking hubby off to start. The harder I can get him before he slides into my pussy, the better. I would love a good pound from behind. Submit my ass to him...mmm. Fuck, I need to cum right now! Gonna demand he fuck me again shortly.

Update: We fucked again shortly after this, and goddamn it was so good. I jacked him off for a while until he was nice and stiff and then flipped over to offer him my pussy from behind. He inserted himself gently into me, testing the waters. Once he realized I was dripping wet, however, he began pumping away. I moaned about how much I loved his cock and how fucking good it felt. Hubby got turned on by my dirty talk and soon was cumming extremely hard. He groaned with each spurt and shook and gasped. He grabbed my ass and thrust a few more times to eek out the last of his orgasm and I came, too. We collapsed in a breathless heap afterwards. God, love sex.

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