goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

So horny right now. Just spent a good hour shopping for naughty things for Valentines Day. Hubby got me new sheets and instructed me to get something sexy. I settled on some new panties, new lingerie, his/hers lube, and a new vibrator. That's scheduled to arrive soon and I can't wait to try it out! I'm so fucking wet just thinking about it. Time to tap hubby for some relief... The last time we fucked, he came so quick, so he owes me a good dicking.

I think I'm gonna masturbate with my blue dildo first so he can see how wet I am first and then order him to fuck me when I can't take it's anymore. Debating if I want to be pounded in missionary or doggy tonight. What do you all think? I just need to cum so bad after looking at all those sexy models...

Update: OMG did hubby make it up to me. He was preoccupied with something, so I stripped naked and put on a pair of sheer panties. That immediately got his attention and he followed me into the bedroom. He softly rubbed me in between my legs, getting me even wetter, and I grabbed his hand and slipped it in my panties. He started finger fucking me until I was practically begging for it. He slowly slipped my panties off and got between my legs, expertly sliding his rock hard cock inside of me. I loved the pounding I was getting, but wanted some from behind, too. I turned around and hubby decided to fuck me with my dildo for a bit first, but eventually gave in and started fucking me in doggy. I moaned so loud and hubby eventually exploded inside of me. I was still horny, so we cuddled for a bit before going a second round in missionary. He pounded me so good I wanted to cry. Eventually shuddered with a delicious orgasm and fell asleep. I can't wait for our next sex session.

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