goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

I think after hubby gets out of the shower tomorrow, I'm going to suck him off. It would be nice for him to start his day by blowing a load in my mouth, don't you think? He'll be nice and clean and relaxed and I can gently grab his cock and stroke him for a bit til he gets a little stiff. Then I can swirl my tongue around the head, gently wrap my lips around it, and slowly slide my mouth down until I feel I'm about to gag. I'll come back up for air and stroke a few more times before getting to work. It won't take long and will make him feel soooo good. I love being his slutty little wifey and doing my sexual duties for him. It'll be hard not to fuck him, but tomorrow is all about him and the pleasure he deserves for having such a beautiful cock and being such a good fuck.

Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll want to slide inside me!

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