goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

Gave hubby some great head this morning. We were both waking up and horny, but I'm at the tail end of my period and can't really fuck right now. I didn't want to leave him unsatisfied, however so I snaked my hand down between his legs. He eagerly ripped off his boxers and I slid down between his legs to kiss the tip of his beautiful cock. I swirled my tongue around the head a bit few times before wrapping my hand around his shaft and finally taking him into my mouth. I suckled the head for a bit before starting a slow bobbing up and down. Hubby moaned in appreciation. After a few minutes of steady sucking, I started warming up my throat to take more of him. A few tries and I was fully deep throating that delicious dick. It tickled the back of my throat and he told me what a good girl I was. I started getting wet at the encouragement and started sucking and stroking faster. Hubby had leaned back, closed his eyes and started fully enjoying the pleasure at this point. I sucked until my neck started to cramp. Hubby started thrusting his hips and shaking. I knew it was almost time for a load to shoot out of his magnificent cock soon and I was ready to receive it. I stroked his thigh as he shook and spurt a load into my eager mouth. I continued sucking lightly, watching him thrust and groan at the last moments of his intense orgasm. I smiled as I slid my mouth off of him, giving my mouth a cheeky wipe. Needless to say, he's been kissing my ass all day in gratitude. I can't wait to fuck tomorrow morning... My pussy is absolutely throbbing for him. More than happy to tend to my wifely duties. I need to get on my knees for him more often, in fact.

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