goshorty (goshorty) wrote in masturbationto,

Hubby creamed in me so good this morning. I woke up horny and stripped naked, cuddling up to him so that he could feel my skin against his. I started kissing and caressing his body, cajoling him to fuck me.

His interest was peaked. As he got up to remove his boxers, I reached into our sex toy chest and pulled out a dildo and some warming lube. I laid out a pillow for myself, spread my legs, and started teasing my pussy hole, eventually pushing the head of the dildo all the way in. Hubby stroked himself, watching in fascination as I got myself nice and wet for him. I went back and forth between working my slit and rubbing my clit.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I set the dildo down, got on my knees, squeezed some lube in my hand and started stroking hubby's magnificent cock, giving it a loving kiss for good measure. Hubby groaned at the warm, wet movements. I was careful not to stroke him to climax. I was eager to feel him inside of me, so I swung my legs over his and slowly lowered myself onto him. Hubby smiled. His favorite position. My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt that swollen dick head slide past my wanting pussy lips. I bounced up and down eagerly. Hubby grabbed my hips, groaning and bracing himself for what was to cum.

Soon, my insides tingled with the feeling of hot, white cum. Hubby moaned as he unload himself in me, enjoying every second of his orgasm. I squeezed myself tighter around him, relishing the feeling. I rode him for a few seconds more, enjoying the last moments of his erection. We collapsed and fell asleep afterwards. Delicious.

Still horny, tho. Will probably proposition him to fuck me doggy in a bit. I need more dick...

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