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So my fiance's birthday is this weekend and I'm surprisingly him with some new crotchless panties. Going to shave my pussy bare tonight to prepare. Can't wait for him to slide inside of me. I'm so horny! Going to go play with my clit right now to take the edge off...

It was sooo good. After we got home from dinner and a movie, I took him into our bedroom and started taking my clothes off. He did the same and started stroking his cock while he watched me walking around naked lighting candles and putting on music. I then slipped on both pairs of panties I ordered, modeling for him and asked him which one he liked. We chose one together and I laid down, playing with my pussy through the slit and giving him a show. I was wet almost instantly and it wasn't long before he motioned for me to come closer. I thought he wanted me on his cock but surprisingly he turned me around and started eating me out. I returned the favor and sucked his cock while he went to town. I deep throated as best I could and we 69'd for a few minutes before neither of us could take it anymore. I moved excitedly over his cock in reverse cowgirl, feeling the rock hard flesh slip between my now soaked panties. We fucked deeply and loudly until he exploded inside me. I can't wait to try out the other pair today!

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OMG I have been horny all day despite having some very nice sex this morning. I've resisted the urge to play with myself. Going to seduce the boyfriend before we go to bed. I'm in the mood to rest my legs on his shoulders as he fucks me nice and deep. The thought of his hard cock pumping in and out of my pussy is making me so wet. I'm so lucky to be with such a generous lover. He has always indulged me on my desires. Mmm...maybe I'll have him eat me out first. Nothing like a tongue fluttering on your clit to get you worked up!

Phone sex?

Did you ever get a phone call while you were in the middle (well, more than the middle) of masturbating? This happened to me a few days ago.

The other afternoon I was enjoying some alone time, watching porn and masturbating. I'd been at it a while and was really getting into it when my phone rang. I have some stuff going on that made it advisable to answer the call, even though I didn't recognize the number. So, I used my free hand and answered it. Turns out it was about my natural gas service and the caller was a nice sounding woman.

She had a little trouble getting my full attention, as my right hand didn't want to stop what it was doing. I was getting even hotter listening to her while stroking my cock. After a minute or so I decided I wasn't interested in what she was selling, but stayed on the line bit longer. Now I was getting very excited and starting to breathe a little heavier, making it difficult to answer her questions. At one point I felt I might be on my way to a climax, and was thinking how hot that would be. I finally told her I wasn't interested and ended the call, as I was afraid I would start moaning in her ear. That probably wouldn't have been a good idea, as the call was being recorded.

But it was fun while it lasted. Wonder if she sensed I was a little distracted? Or had any idea what I was doing.

Rinse, repeat

The other day my gf went out and I had the house to myself. I soon found some interesting porn and started playing with my cock. Before long I was really into it and shot a big load. A little later I went to my house, mowed my lawn, and had some lunch. After an hour or so my son's friend came by and picked him up to go to a movie. Now I had my house to myself, which is unusual. They hadn't been gone long when I decided, yes, I was still horny. I dug out some more porn and started playing again. Watching an MFF three way, I got off again. I was pretty proud of cumming twice a few hours apart — at 75! It's not like when I was 18 and could do that 15 minutes apart, but now I savor it more.

Round Midnight

Night time is the right time when those feelings and urges start to surface.  During the day, there are enough distractions and obligations to stay occupied.  On the other side of midnight, the sweet elixir of lust begins to flow freely, creating that dynamic tension, that insatiable need that can only be filled by the release of an earth-shattering orgasm.  She was alone.  More than alone, she was lonely.  Her spirit yearned for connection and intimacy.  Her heart ached to love and be loved.  Her body craved passion, passion of the hot, sweaty, fuck-the-sheets-off-the-bed variety.  Without a partner, however, her options were limited.  Not one to go to a bar for a casual pick-up, and not sufficiently motivated to have a meaningless booty-call or a fuck buddy, her bed was her only companion for the evening.  What does a sexually empowered woman do when she doesn’t have someone to spend time with romantically?  What options does an Afrosensual sista have when there is no companion to satisfy those carnal cravings?  Sometimes, a woman just has to just take matters into her own hands.

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Fun Guy

The old in out

Not much to report lately, but I finally got laid the other night. I was pretty horny, and had taken a Cialis earlier. When we went to bed I kissed my gf more passionately than usual, and she responded appropriately. I put her hand on my cock and she started caressing it. I was rubbing her nipples and then her clit, which was getting wetter and wetter. Soon I was very hard and she was very wet, so I moved on top and aimed at her pussy. She started moaning as soon as the head of my cock touched her slit. I poked at it two or three times, feeling the warm juices on the head. It didn't take much more to ease its way in, eliciting even more moaning from her. It felt great to me, and obviously to her, too, as the moaning kept up. We just lay there enjoying the feeling, moving slowly in and out, until I began losing it.

I moved back a little and lay my semi-hard cock on her pussy. She reached down and started rubbing my cock against her clit. Faster and harder, she kept going until reaching a loud climax. I lay back, hoping maybe she would give me a blowjob, but we were both kind of tired and soon went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and stroked my cock until it got very hard. I laid it against her butt crack and pressed it into her, but she was sound asleep. It was so hard and I was so horny I decided to get up play with it where I wouldn't bother her. I grabbed the lube and a plastic bag and headed for the couch. Kneeling in front of the couch I lubed up and put the bag on the couch, then wrapped it around my cock. Putting a pillow on top of it, I started thrusting away. It felt really good, and my cock stayed hard longer than usual when I do this. When I started to lose it a bit, I sat back and stroked it hard again. I did this a couple of times, thinking I might just come by stroking it. But I held off until I was really feeling close, then went back to the bag/pillow thing. It really felt good now and I pumped harder and harder, finally finding my release. It's pretty rare I cum any more other than by jacking off, so it felt really good to be able to.

I'm curious what techniques people use to help them masturbate. What works for you?