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masturbationto's Journal

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Masturbation Togetherness
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my eyes are wide open
my mind fevered with lust,
i kiss your eyes free from sleep
through full and fragrant lips
a contented smile breaks forth

wild hair cascades over glistening
skin, honeyed tresses percolate your
beauty, framing your sleekness

pulsing, you begin your move,
arched hips underlate lithe legs,
raking fingers seer through flesh
... you purr out my name

a gasp, a sigh, you buck and ride,
toying, enjoying, delving beneath
your pelt, other hand joins the fray, the play,
rising high it scissors a taut bud-dark nipple
a warm awakening, hardness, transmits messages
sensual, sexual juices flow.

orgasmic images are embossed
on heat, your warm hollows and crevices swell
folded places expose your ripe sexuality

a private showing of you
for my eyes only

you made love to me, for me...
... whilst keeping yourself to yourself...

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